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Stories of climate impacts on Pacific Islands

About this Project

From drought impacts on ranching to sea-level rise impacts on tourism, we convey climate stories using 2-3 minute video clips called “documoments.” These stories describe the experiences of people from diverse walks of life. The initial collection of three documoments is a starting point for helping policy makers to understand real-world climate impacts and the need for usable climate information.

Production support is provided by the East-West Center and the Pacific RISA, funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Program Office.

Melissa Finucane, PhD, Executive Producer

Victoria Keener, PhD, Expert Advisor

Carrie Keller, StudioSpace, Producer and Video Editor

Bill Maheras, Sight and Sound Studios, Director of Photography

We are indebted to the interviewees willing to tell their stories:

Greg Dickhens, President, Kyo-ya Company

Michelle Galimba, Rancher, Kuahiwi Ranch

Steve Joseph, Vice President and General Manager, PVT Land Company

Raymond Tanabe, Meteorologist in Charge, National Weather Service in Honolulu, Hawai’i


The Climate Matters Documoments support learning about climate change in the Pacific Islands. Our goal is to make them accessible in a variety of formats. If you would like to use these resources, please contact Pacific RISA via KeenerV@eastwestcenter.org.

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