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Program Statement

The Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (Pacific RISA) program supports Pacific island and coastal communities in adapting to the impacts of climate variability and change. We strive to enhance Pacific communities’ abilities to understand, plan for, and respond to changing climate conditions. Our work is conducted through interdisciplinary research and partnerships with local, national, and regional stakeholders. As one of ten US RISA programs, Pacific RISA emphasizes the engagement of communities, governments, and businesses in developing effective policies to build resilience in key sectors such as water resource management, coastal and marine resources, fisheries, agriculture, tourism, disaster management and public health.

Mission Objectives

The Pacific RISA mission includes the following objectives:

  • Meet critical climate information needs in the Pacific Region through multidisciplinary climate research, assessment, education, and training;
  • Provide integrated, locally relevant climate information to decision makers and communities in the Pacific Region;
  • Enhance regional and local capabilities to manage climate risks, build resilience in key sectors, and support sustainable development;
  • Promote collaboration among Pacific regional, US national, and international institutions and programs providing climate information products and services.


Resilient and sustainable Pacific communities using climate information to manage risks and support practical decision-making about climate variability and change.


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