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Congressional Briefing

Congressional briefing by Pacific RISA on Capitol Hill

Drs. Melissa Finucane and Victoria Keener were a part of a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill, Washington DC yesterday where the topic of the day were the impacts of climate change in the Pacific and what the implications of these would be for policy and decision makers. The discussions were centered around the East-West Center led Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment (PIRCA), which is also to be included as part of the regional input to the federal government’s forthcoming National Climate Assessment.

Hawai’i Senator Brian Schatz said that, “In Hawai’i and throughout the Pacific, climate change is not an abstract concept – it is already having very real consequences. Decreased freshwater supplies, higher air and sea surface temperatures, rising sea levels, and beach erosion are all major concerns that could permanently affect our economy and environment. We cannot afford to keep waiting while some lawmakers drag their feet. Instead, we must invest in clean energy and decrease our dependence on foreign oil now. I thank the East-West Center and the Pacific Islands Regional Climate Assessment for joining me in working to broaden the conversation and seek solutions.”

Header image: Senator Brian Schatz speaking at the congressional briefing. Source: Office of Senator Brian Schatz.

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