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Hana Hou! Rainfall in Hawai‘i

Hana Hou! article introduces us to rainfall research in Hawai‘i

A fascinating story about Hawai‘i rainfall research appears in the February/March 2013 issue of Hana Hou!—the magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.  The article discusses the innovative work of University of Hawai‘i scientist Dr. Tom Giambelluca, who makes scientific knowledge about rainfall and climate available to the public.

As a central feature, the article introduces Dr. Giambelluca’s 2011 Rainfall Atlas of Hawai‘i. The Rainfall Atlas is notable for its availability online—anyone with internet access can view it and learn about seasonal rain patterns across Hawai‘i. Thus, the Rainfall Atlas is not just for research scientists, but is a tool for everyone to improve their understanding of the climate.  At the heart of the atlas is the interactive map, which can display, for instance, satellite imagery, topographic details and landmarks, all overlain with average monthly and annual rainfall statistics.

Trends in rainfall over the last century in Hawai‘i are also discussed in the article. The overall amount of rainfall has decreased in the last century, and climate models suggest Hawai‘i could experience an increase in drought frequency by mid- 21st century, especially in drier leeward areas.

You can read the Hana Hou! article here.

The Rainfall Atlas of Hawai‘i is available at rainfall.geography.hawaii.edu/.

Rain clouds gathered around mountains in the Ko‘olau Mountain Range on the windward side of O‘ahu.

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